Surprise! Surprise! - The solo shows

2008 it began with improvised story telling. For kids in a youth camp (For example the story of the 3 headless kids), and then at literature slams, where i would invent stories on the spot. Slowly it turned more and more into a more theatric experience, so 2009 I started with a Solo improvised theater long form. 

Inspired by the audience I would start a complete new story, with empty hands, no characters, songs or storyline prepared. Find some clips (in poor video quality) of my very first night long adventure: a who's done it- crime story.


The nightmare experience,  2016 Vienna

An new solo show, presented finally at the Viennese Impro Festival 4/2016 in Vienna, TaG Theatre about NIGHTMARES
Based on a true (!) nightmare of a audience member I start to improvise this nightmare but continue it after the point of wake up.
The video below is the general rehearsal that I had made during UC community day meeting. The video is boring because of total view and me going out of camera frame a lot, but in order to get an idea you can click into this show a bit :-)
There should be ready the video of the premiere until end of June 2016!

Surprise! Surprise! Premiere of Impro Solo: An agent thriller 2009


Improvisations-Theater Workshop:




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Wien, Nähe Schönbrunn




Eigentlich ist mein Spanisch gar nicht so toll, aber es hat sich halt so ergeben:
Der Schamane Gerardo Pizarro (Peru) kommt wieder nach Wien. Diesmal mit dem großen Herzöffnungsritual und auch wieder mit Einzelsessions. Ich war beeindruckt letztes mal und freu mich schon drauf!

15.-17.11.2019, Wien



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Herbst 2019: regelmäßige Wochenenden und ein wöchentlicher Kurs für Improvisationstheater bzw. Olivers Zauberkiste (ein Buffet interessanter Übungen aus unterschiedlichsten Bereichen)

Theater-Labor/ Playground

Gelegentliches Leiten der offenen Improtheater Trainings im WuK der

FB: Impro Flex Gruppe.

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