Supporting self healing on physical, mental and emotional levels.


Basically it boils down to radical respect, re-connecting, clarification, finding my own place and non-duality. 
Who I am and who I am not. Letting go of what does not support you anymore or what is not part of your essence and reconnecting with your own essence and source.



Over the years and decades I made very different experiences that now freely flow into my life coaching work:


  • The Work of Byron Katie (www.thework.com)
    an active meditation about beliefs and thoughts
  • Movements of the soul / family constellations / systemic constellations 
    Using representatives or objects to represent a situation including persons involved. With representatives we also use the emotional feedback and transformations of the representatives)
  • The magic gift
    A guided meditation to find and use an inspirational gift
  • Feeding the demons
    Tibetan shadow work as proposed by Lama Tsültrim Allione
    Making peace with my shadows and transforming them into allies.
  • NLP - "Neurolinguistic Programming"
    Like "Core Transformation", "The wholeness process", "Submodalities", "Realignment of the perceptual positions"
  • MoM - Metaphors of Movement (Andrew T. Austin)
    Using metaphors and especially aligning clients problem metaphors with their solution strategy metaphors
  • Core Shamanism (Dr. Michael Harner)
    Finding your power animal, bringing back soul parts (-> inner child work), extraction of negative or foreign energies
  • Yoga Individual (Hans Endmaya)
    A coaching formation between structured Yoga and free movement, about healing bonding issues, connecting head (thinking) - heart (feelings) and body (sensations & action).


Regelmäßige Workshops ab November 2018:

Für meine LSB Praxis bei www.loginsleben.at biete ich dort (Wien) an:
Montags 18-21h:
Oliver's Zauberkiste
(mit Bewegung zu sich kommen) und

Donnerstags 18-20h:

The Work of Byron Katie (Meine Gedanken und ich - über den Umgang mit Glaubenssätzen)

im Rahmen von Loginsleben immer Freitag vormittags, nur mit Voranmeldung!

KLINIKON on tour

Wien, 24.11.2018

Nach einem sehr erfolgreichen Start im Sommer beim Klangfestival.at auf Schloss Riedegg ist KLINIKON nun zu Gast im Künstlerhaus 1050 in Wien. Startzeiten zwischen 18:00 und 19:15.
Werden Sie zu der Ikone die Sie sind!
Reserviere über die Facebookseite: www.fb.me/KLINIKON.111

Theater-Labor/ Playground

Gelegentliches Leiten der offenen Improtheater Trainings im WuK der Stuthe.com Impro Flex Gruppe.
Eigenes Training: auf Raumsuche