Solos with or without objects, fruits, puppets:

  • "Happy Depressions" (kind of performance lecture - about a happy guy who tries to catch up with depression but fails, thinking that depression is a resource to create well selling art like "The Scream" painting)
  • "Truth beyond head lines" (newspaper theater)
  • "Vision (is) happening" (Your vision coming into life)
  • "Nightmare showing" (donate a nightmare to be replayed)
  • Free Improvisation




  • Improvisationtheater
  • Masterclass Improvisationtheater and Longforms
  • Clown (inspired from Philippe Gaulier, including some coaching exercises))
  • Mask (inspired by Keith Johnstone, Philippe Gaulier, Georg Schubert)
  • Puppets (inspired from Neville Tranter and the austrian way of Punch and Judy: Kasperl)
  • Object theater (inspired from Christian Suchy and others)
  • Community theater (bringing moments of your life into theater scenes) inspired by Carlos Zatizabal (COL)


In preparation:

  • preparing: Forumtheater (from Augusto  Boal, taught by Michael Thonhauser)



Improvisationtheater is the art of spontaneous reaction, it can be like a zen-estate of flow to be in the moment - in the moment - in the moment.

Over the years it turned out that most important is to support the players ability to enjoy stage, be playful and adventurous and hapy to take a new risk. To become familiar with risk like a kajak boat driver in a wild river: taking interesting and calculated risks. Looking for a good challenge.

Masterclass Improvisationtheater

Having mastered the first basics or being already a full featured player, we could dive into new realms and also visit some traps.

  • Long forms (why not develop characters and stories over a larger time and jumping from scene to scene?)
  • Traps: when you become too clever and stop to be truly sponaneos and you stop to enter the surprising inside jungle (but prefer to stay in the tourist hut aside the jungle)
  • Divinig into characters: characters is not an idea or concept, it is a deep exerience.. feeling a different body, heart and mind. Having concrete memories of this person show up
  • Space and objects: Having fun to find and construct spaces: Can you see inside the space you are using? The Labyrinth, the small cold cave, snorkeling in corals, flying as a bird over the sky? How does it feel to lie on a waterbed, drink the best coconutmild ever, climb on a rope? How about your clothes: how rich is your imagination about the clothes you are wearing, or the jewelry, tattoos..
  • Time: We can also travel in time jumps through the live of persons, have backflashes, even meet many generations...


Das magische Geschenk

Die 2.10.2018, Wien

Eine Übung um innere Ressourcen zu entdecken und anzuwenden.


Bitte um Anmeldung

How to cHaNgE!

How to cHaNge!

5.10.2018, Wien

Im Rahmen von 1 Jahr Across the Univers ein Workshop über die Kunst der Verönderung, wie man ausgetrampelte und zementierte Strassen der Gewohnheit verlassen kann und sich an kleinen abenteuerlichen Pfaden in unerforschte Wildnis erfreuen kann.


Piaristengasse 18 in 1080 Wien

Bequemes Gewand und Wasserflasche bitte mitnehmen.

Move into Freedom

ab November 2018, Wien (17-21h)

Über Bewegung zu uns kommen, Gefühle, Denken und Handeln kommen wieder in gemeinsamen Fluß. Mit Übungen aus YI, Tanz und Theater.


Theater-Labor/ Playground

Gelegentliches Leiten der offenen Improtheater Trainings im WuK der Impro Flex Gruppe.
Eigenes Training: auf Raumsuche