Provocative Change Work/ Provocative Therapy

Frank Farelli started with provocative therapy, by simply being sometimes a little blunt and direct with clients but also having a big heart and some good humour. It turned out to become very helpful and so he started to develop what was later known as "Provocative Therapy". Being direct and joking about issues seemed to be very provocative. But it should only done from a very empathic point of view and when we assume, that the client is able to handle the issue. It often is completely misunderstood as a nasty way of just provoking clients and making jokes on their behalves. After a good session clients feel very much seen, they are happy that it was possible to put also more delicate aspects on the table and their ability rises to deal with their situation. It might as well change the point of view of the client and sometimes the coach or therapist might give such a good parody of the whole drama that sessions end in waves of laughter. 
Nick Kemp tried to isolate some techniques and changed the name into provocative change work, which opened it also more for coaches.

One of the basic and most repeated questions is: "So what is the problem with that?"


Due to Corona I was only able to attend one of Nick Kemps workshops. 

Psychomagical acts (Alejandro Jodorowsky)

Alejandro Jodorowsky is quite a colourful personality. Filmmaker, writer of very special cartoon stories, facilitator of family constellations, Tarot Expert and sacred fool: with his psychomagical acts he tried to find acts and rituals to free individuals and proposed very special rituals/acts for people in order to break their cycle of negative repetitions. Change is magic and that is the magic of which we talk. Some acts are highly dramatic and need a lot of courage and are not for the faint. But usually people who came to him had already tried traditional treatments and saw him as a last exit to possible salvation. 

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