Theater with puppets, masks & objects

Fruit and veggy theater (Mimamusch festival 2011 Vienna)

I had my own object theater solo at the strategic theater festival Mimamusch.

I had several improvised shows, sometimes also with objects from the audience (including sweets that melted in my fingers and a nose spray):

  • "Truth beyond headlines" (newspaper theater) - using the daily local yellow press I ask the audience to choose an article and I pretend to show in a scene the truth behind the headlines
  • "If I had a wish free..." - I ask people for real wishes and act them out, maybe in a surprising way - the idea behind was to show the outcome of egoistic wishes and to visualize visions
  • "Personal Comedy" - during the festival I happened to have a birthday party audience. So I offered to play the whole live + a little future of the birthday person. After a scarce interview I started to invent a lot of details.
    Later I started to think that this could be a half therapeutical format, either as a playback format or as a intuitive personal invention.
  • "Happy depressions - a performance lecture" - actually a therapeutic intervention, my happy character asks a depressive one for advice of how to become depressive. How do you do it? I would love to be depressive, since depressions seems to be an important source for many artists... this was a half improvised format, though everything of it was found through improvisation and includes some interesting insights
  • "The nightmare experience" - this format actually was not yet played as object theater, but would work perfectly well. I played as a solo improvisation and used a real nightmare of the audience to act it out and then to go on in the dream at the point when the dreamer awoke (2016, Vienna Impro Festival)



Photos from Mimamusch festival 2011, Ragnerhof Vienna, Austria. 

Photos: Brigitte Gradwohl



Pericos Show - El show de Perico - Colombia 2010

2010 I went to a workshop for tv-puppetry which also was kind of casting for the new season of the tv series "El show de Perico". Animal muppets in an intelligent talkshow-format with serious topics (death, consumism, water...). I am the condor.



Somehow different - Irgendwie anders - 2009 Graz (Austria) Director

2009 I was supposed to do the last details as a co director when some things just did not work out as planned in summer. The play was based on a children book and we had 2 weeks to construct and rehearse the piece while slowly puppets and set would arrive.
It was great fun working as a director, but also I would love to present it myself as an actor to the audience since it is not played anymore.

Photos (c) for Julia Schwarzbauer

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