Camera Acting

Usually it is projects from Kino Kabarets or Kino Dynamique. These are shortfilm festivals where you shoot and cut your film within 71 hours or less and present it at the end of the last day, usually on a cinema screen.

So I play a TV watcher, a shy in the bus sitter, a king, an old ship owner, a chair sitter, a city shaman, a strange tea party host, a therapist, a philosopher....


Kinokabarets (also called: Kino dynamique):
Kabaret like varieté.. a variety of acts. Films usually are up to 7-10 minutes.



"Wake up call" - D:Nikita Gibalenko, part: city shaman (2016)

Inspired by Carlos Castaneda, Nikita asked my to play the city shaman and also I helped on light in the first scene.


Kinokabaret Linz "Kinophilia" 2016

"Chair theater", D: Tanja Kristan, part: chair sitter (2016)

2016, Kinophilia Linz.

60-90 minutes of tough work and a few cramps later we have quite a funny outcome of trickfilm.

"Mademoiselle Florentine": - D: Shirin Hooshmandi/ Clemens Niel (2015)

In a boat called "Florentine" that serves as coffee shop, we see a boy grow up until he is old and probably forced to give away the beloved boat and the family tradition.

Kinophilia Linz 2015



"TeaParty" - D: Maxim, part: host (2015, Dresden Germany)

Director: Maxim
Host: Oliver Angel
Leipzig 2015 Kino Datsche
Actor and helping out a bit on light and camera



"Your peace" - Director: Dieter Leitner, part: king (2014)

Director: Dieter Leitner
Actors: knight: Ella Prem und king: Oliver Angel
Graz, 2014, (Austria)

and helping hand on light and set (candles and light corridor)


Time snap - D: Richard Grilletz; role: time philosopher (2015)

This was a partly scripted partly improvised movie - i wish we had had a more of the making of :-)
Director and DoP: Richard Grilletz
Actors: Tamer und Oliver Angel und ...
Go down to: Beitrag Nr. 14



"Together Forever" - Music Improvisation - 2015

While waiting for the festival to begin, we started singing and imagined to go out and involve audience. And why not? We did it spontaneously!



"Carpe Diem" - Director: Mo Harawe, part: Man sitting in the bus (2015)

Just watch on vimeo!
Director: Mo Harawe
Actor: Oliver Angel +
Graz, KinoCuntra 2015 (Austria)



"Syad 563 - why" - Director: Mo Harawe, part: tv watcher (2015)

This was really done within very short time.



"A Sandwich That Could Understand Speech" - (2015)

A picture of good health - Regie: Maria Czernohorszky - (2015)

Director + idea: Maria Czernohorszky
part: ?
Kinophilia Linz, 2015



The shadow of forgetting - D: Ivan Giraldo, part: desert man - 2010 Colombia

A film of the film academy in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia - 2010

We shot in one afternoon, while sun was leaving us fast.
Behind the scenes: not chronological shooting is even more difficult when you are not sure which shot comes when in the story :-)





Das magische Geschenk

Die 2.10.2018, Wien

Eine Übung um innere Ressourcen zu entdecken und anzuwenden.


Bitte um Anmeldung

How to cHaNgE!

How to cHaNge!

5.10.2018, Wien

Im Rahmen von 1 Jahr Across the Univers ein Workshop über die Kunst der Verönderung, wie man ausgetrampelte und zementierte Strassen der Gewohnheit verlassen kann und sich an kleinen abenteuerlichen Pfaden in unerforschte Wildnis erfreuen kann.


Piaristengasse 18 in 1080 Wien

Bequemes Gewand und Wasserflasche bitte mitnehmen.

Move into Freedom

ab November 2018, Wien (17-21h)

Über Bewegung zu uns kommen, Gefühle, Denken und Handeln kommen wieder in gemeinsamen Fluß. Mit Übungen aus YI, Tanz und Theater.


Theater-Labor/ Playground

Gelegentliches Leiten der offenen Improtheater Trainings im WuK der Impro Flex Gruppe.
Eigenes Training: auf Raumsuche