by Eugene Gendlin

I learned it in Vienna with Ruth Sarshalom, who brought her passion from Israel to Vienna. Eugene Gendlin was originally Austrian, and worked before with Rogers and the client centered psychotherapy approach. When they tried to find out which therapy style was the most successful, it turned out that those clients who started to check in with their body sensations and allowed themselves to not know and slowly search inside themselves had the best outcomes. 
We focus on the body sensations that come with the topics that we are dealing with, they are created in the moment and we also look for the murky edge (metaphor from clear and unclear water in a lake). We investigate the parts in us that have some thoughts, impulses and feelings. We research feelings for which we have no names but which exist and which are important. We notice different parts with different intentions. And sometimes we need to deal first with a critical or resisting part, before we can continue with the original topic. Just by focusing softly and friendly our attention towards those aspects shifts can happen, just by themselves and perspective and feelings change.


I did Basics and Advanced with Ruth SarShalom, I have also taken the certification course, but did not finish yet all prerequisites for the certification. And continued practice with Ruth in a course "Carry forward", one of the fundamental concepts, that there is always a positive carry forward movement inclined in our life.

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