Integrale / Integrated eye movement therapy

by Andrew T. Austin

The integral eye movement therapy is based on the EMT (Eye movement therapy) of Steve Andreas, but has been further developed with the use of different elements and theories. Like EMDR (Eye movement desensitisation reprocessing) it is based on the insight, that REM (rapid eye movements), that we do during sleeping, helps us to organise and contextualize input and memories.
In IEMT we use one pattern for release of kinestetic feelings and another one for release of representations of identity (I, you, me, self and others).
We just tackle the memories a bit and then start with the movements. Quite often it would lead into a depotentiating and a healthy dissociation from old memories. But in cases of dissociation in the memory, it might first be needed to associate through this exercise. But this happens automatically by itself. The eyemovements are about 40 seconds, and we hop from feeling to feeling, from memory to memory in rather short time.
Additionally we use the patterns of chronicity (the most often used patterns of clients in order to stay the same, which strangely does not bring the effect, that they were looking for).


I did level I with Andrew T. Austin, and advanced (Level II) with Roni Matar

Metaphors of Movement

By Andrew T. Austin

I feel totally stuck. Like drowning. It feels like a Sysiphos work: rolling up the hill a big stone with no end.
When we talk about ourselves or situations, we like to use idioms: language images (metaphors!).
We explore the ones that are already present in the description of the client or find them through some questions ("So the whole thing is like what?"). Then we explore them more in detail, what is to your right, left, in front of you, behind you, what are you standing on (what supports you), what is above you. We compare the situation with your copying strategy (if it still a problem, it might not be a good match). 
I paint the metaphor for you, so you can see it. 
Part of the work is just about making your different parts of the brain work again better together. Let us just imagine: left brain and right brain have a good and productive talk. 
There is metaphors about you in live, relationships, job, money and business, spiritual. This work brings the needed clarity.
Sometimes there is also a fitting intervention, but basically it is just a way to feed back information in different ways for different parts of the brains. 
It is much more fun to do it then to explain it ;-)
And the images help us to tackle aspects of the situation that had not been so obvious before or feelings, for which we might not even have a proper word.


I did with Andrew T. Austin: Level I, II, III, emotional trading. Until summer 2024t he video courses for Level IV +V (money and business), starting from now I immerge in Level VI (The time portal). 

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