Still teaching Improv in Vienna, Flex Impro Stuthe, IICV and for until summer, then I changed at Loginsleben towards "moving towards yourself";

Took part in a WS for Physical theater and mask play, to remember the good times I used to have with this ;-)
Trying to kill myself by FOMO (Fear of missing out) doing in February those workshops:
Core transformation Level 1+2, buying Metaphors of movement Level 4+5 (Money + Business), IEMT I + II, some Trauma healing workshops
Getting a first look on the wholeness process level 3+4 through video course. Also buying Matrix advanced, as taught by Manfred Twrznik.

Also repeated Clearing, Russian healing techniques and Quantum healing intensive with Manfred Twrznik. 


Renovate a flat. But this time only one at a time. And a new category: how to remove smell and signs of heavy smoking after renting out? Very interesting. I took down all wallpapers and ceiling color. And the color beyond the wall papers. And the color beyond that color. It is known as a cross fit training discipline. And yes, I swore never to renovate a flat again.


Did my first live tv show presentation for a training project of FH St. Pölten "The date whisperers" (which were kids, making propositions to one person of the date what to do or say or ask).


Did some theatre acting in "Die Reise der Verdammten/ Verlorenen" (The journey of the damned/ lost) based on true story of 1939 of about 1000 jewish persons, trying to escape on a cruiser to Cuba. Great theatre piece and what is my problem with text learning? To be continued....

Renovated 2 flats for my parents. Tried not to shoot myself (luckily I don't have a gun, - see how smart I am?). Swore to never renovate flats again. Subjected flat renovation as a new trauma category to the international health diagnostics manual.


Took part in WS Extreme Characters with Inbal Lori (Improv) and Meisner Technique with Keith Farquhar.


Most certainly, something must have happened here!

"Clearing" Workshop with Manfred Twrznik, clearing foreign energy and beings from YOU. Yes you there, I am talking to you. Look! Behind your shoulder!


Sorry, as a new homepage is coming, slowly, i stopped updating.

Latest news as from November 2020: i started to work with energetic "healing" *

*(in Austria is forbidden to use the term "healing" as it only is allowed for doctors and therapists).

I continue to be in training with physical theater improvisation, it s still fun, we head for NOW! Festival Berlin May 2021.

Beginning of 2021 starting with my license for life coaching (still have to do some bureaucratic stuff)

Did some performances with theater of the oppressed for global2000 (a bit similar to greenpeace but a local company in Austria)


18.2.2019 "The Audience"
A physical theater performance excerpt at


I am doing my practice at for becoming finally a life coach ("Lebens- und Sozialberater"). 2 Workshops a week, Monday with movement, Thursday more mental stuff.


Next plans:
Participating at Burning Ball Vienna on 2nd of March 2019 and do something actively :-D
Currently thinking of giving a self love workshop with constellations and movement and/or doing some larger deko stuff.


Past events

(Sorry, more complete at the german version)

  • KLINIKON - We will fix you! by Leni
    2018: Stationary Theater Performance that includes to fix your inner Ikon
  • Swimming Pool by Oleg Soulimenko
    2018: Performance in a public Vienna bath.
  • "The dark night of the soul" (The nightmare show)
    Solo Improvisation in the Vienna Theater Improv Festival 2016
    Based on a real nightmare of the audience I replay this dream and maybe go along into new realms where the dream used to stop by awakening.
  • "JOIN IN" (22.5.2013) by Oliver Angel
    A workshop-performance-experience including singing, constellation of objects in the space in a personal meaningful way.
    As part of the BERLIN month of Performing Arts, a group of artists organized through PAN (Performing Art Network Vienna) hosted a complete week in a gallery in Kreuzberg Berlin (20.-26.5.) with different performances


CV Everything Ever done by Oliver A. Gross
A very detailed CV in English
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