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Latest news as from November 2020: i started to work with energetic "healing" *

*(in Austria is forbidden to use the term "healing" as it only is allowed for doctors and therapists).

I continue to be in training with physical theater improvisation, it s still fun, we head for NOW! Festival Berlin May 2021.

Beginning of 2021 starting with my license for life coaching (still have to do some bureaucratic stuff)

Did some performances with theater of the oppressed for global2000 (a bit similar to greenpeace but a local company in Austria)


18.2.2019 "The Audience"
A physical theater performance excerpt at


I am doing my practice at for becoming finally a life coach ("Lebens- und Sozialberater"). 2 Workshops a week, Monday with movement, Thursday more mental stuff.


Next plans:
Participating at Burning Ball Vienna on 2nd of March 2019 and do something actively :-D
Currently thinking of giving a self love workshop with constellations and movement and/or doing some larger deko stuff.


Past events

(Sorry, more complete at the german version)

  • KLINIKON - We will fix you! by Leni
    2018: Stationary Theater Performance that includes to fix your inner Ikon
  • Swimming Pool by Oleg Soulimenko
    2018: Performance in a public Vienna bath.
  • "The dark night of the soul" (The nightmare show)
    Solo Improvisation in the Vienna Theater Improv Festival 2016
    Based on a real nightmare of the audience I replay this dream and maybe go along into new realms where the dream used to stop by awakening.
  • "JOIN IN" (22.5.2013) by Oliver Angel
    A workshop-performance-experience including singing, constellation of objects in the space in a personal meaningful way.
    As part of the BERLIN month of Performing Arts, a group of artists organized through PAN (Performing Art Network Vienna) hosted a complete week in a gallery in Kreuzberg Berlin (20.-26.5.) with different performances


CV psychological and energetical formations Oliver A. Gross
CV Oliver A Gross Psycho Energy 2022-01-
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