The magic Gift

This little big meditation takes 20-30 minutes and will reconnect you with a personal resource. 

Find an individual inspiration, hint, energy, image that supports you in a treasure box and learn to use it instantly.


I put it together myself and refined it based on my own experiences and the ones of my friends.

It‘s based on Improvisation theater (the gift game), NLP, mind games, shamanic experience and other visualization techniques.


What if a part of you already knew the solution for your problems? 

Or shall we call it challenges?

Or not yet unpacked gifts?


Can also be done via skype!


Which resources?

The resource can be an energy, an inspiration, a movement, a next step, to call a person, a music, a symbol... unlimited possibilities. Also it is important to find out how to use the resource. Quite often this might be very different from what your mind wants to interpret. i.e. a friend found some colored wig. He used it to see it on the heads of his students which helped him to understand that everyone has already his own creativity.


Practical value:

We find it, we learn how it is used (!), we use it in past, present and future situations (this helps enormously to integrate the resource in our daily life). 

Once you made this practical meditation with me, the resource is instantly available to you.


Which topics? 

Any topic will do. All I need is that you had been occupied by it for a while, so this energy allows us very focused and effective visualization. Even in loud places with many people!

You can use any kind of problem, conflict or simply look for an additional resource for work, art, relationship, spiritual practice, sports, healing ...



This method is process oriented, which means that I do not have to know anything about your topic  or the solution that you found. I just make sure that you completed every step of the meditation successfully until you are content and found something useful for you and learned how to make use of it.



I used to do this improvisation theater exercise in my acting workshops, where you give another person a mimed object and the other person thankfully explores what it might be. 

One day I was in hurry to help a friend with some inspiration, so I instructed her to find a helpful gift in an imagined magic place. It turned out to be really easy and useful. In order to keep the resource in daily life I added the imagined use in past, present and future situations which I knew from NLP. It is practical and works instantly. While I go into alpha-state-trance others can more easily get into their own creative trance too.






  • A dancing colleague had problems with his back. He found a bright white light and learned to put it in his chest. This opened his chest and corrected his body posture.
  • An acrobat had hurt some part of his leg/ hip in the last week repeatedly. He instantly started into a healing process and felt a hot vibration in the area of the pain.
  • A girl had some eye infection while leading a kind of human rights conference. She found an ugly memory which she did not like to look at. Dealing positively with it allowed her to heal her eye until next day.

< Nevertheless this process does not replace your visit at the doctor or therapist. >

< If you want to use it for a serious problem please consult first your doctor. >



I met a girl studying in a bibliotheca. She seemed stressed, so I offered her the magic gift in the cafe. She found a bright light to put inside her chest which made her feel more self assured. It turned out that her doubts had been consuming much of her energy and time that she needed to finish some work in time.





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