Core shamanism

As destilled by Anthropologist Dr. Michael Harner from many shamanic traditions over the world

Dr. Michael Harner explored many different shamanic cultures and tried to summarise the more or less essence of them in his book "The way of the shaman" and workshops:

  • Connection to assisting spirits like power animals, power plants, power stones and spiritual master
  • Extraction of foreign energies and spirit attachments and other creatures
  • Finding, healing and integrating of lost soul parts (from some sorts of trauma) 
    Please note that the final integration might be some work going over some time.
  • Psychopompos work (guidance to the reign of death), dealing with the spirits of deceased humans
  • Divination
  • And he found his own method of shamanic counselling by assisting clients on their own drum based shamanic journey to their power animal or spiritual master. Power animals can rather be found in the lower earthly worlds, while spiritual masters are rather sought after in the sky.

I started my journey with the books of Carlos Castaneda, who claimed to have met a Mexican shaman of a strange international tradition. Facts of fiction, but I found the books very inspiring. And 1994 I booked my first weekend to dive into the adventure with a basic introduction. Over the years I added Extraction and returning of lost soul parts, psychopompos work, shamanic counselling and dream work with Enrico Cosmos. In 2010 in Colombia i made first experiences with Ayahuasca ceremonies, tabac and coca (I do not offer any of those). Also my singing and sounding has originated in this field of experience.

CV Everything Ever done by Oliver A. Gross
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