Improvisation theater

Apart from recent solo activities I also used to play in groups. Find here some highlights of a theatersports game in 2003 in Innsbruch (Austria) Bierstindl, winning against a charming team from their theater school playing for a phrenetically happy audience. And winning a singing fish!


And some improvised songs as Don Genaro with the Schneider brothers, also 2003.


Solo bei Open Stage Caspar, 2016,Wien: "Der traurige Axolotl"

Open stage of Caspar, a loud but nice place for young students. The place has a christian background and is very open and modern.
Story based on the input "Axolotl" which is an Amphibium.



Solo at Stuthe Quickies: The creation of Adam Gargoyle (2015)

Open Stage of the viennese (Studierenden Theater), an organisation to support theater and performing arts of students (but not only). The open stage is called "Quickies" and I started with a body impulse and ended in some kind of Adam and Eve story.



Wiener Melange (Melange Viennese)-Theatersports game

2003 urtheater got invited to a theatersports competition or similar (theater match) against the acting school in the famous Biertstindl location. Since urtheater had no free players, Helmut Schuster organized a new group of people, who he knew from his acting workshop: we only performed this match and won the "singing fish". This was the best audience and show i had so far (also: great proposals from the audience, very open minded and happy).

Group: Thomas Seiwald, Oliver Angel, Didi Fischer, Valerie (?)

Don Genaro:


Improvisations-Theater Workshop:




70,- Euro,

Bring your friend Bonus: Beide je 50,- Euro

Wien, Nähe Schönbrunn




Eigentlich ist mein Spanisch gar nicht so toll, aber es hat sich halt so ergeben:
Der Schamane Gerardo Pizarro (Peru) kommt wieder nach Wien. Diesmal mit dem großen Herzöffnungsritual und auch wieder mit Einzelsessions. Ich war beeindruckt letztes mal und freu mich schon drauf!

15.-17.11.2019, Wien



Geplant für

Herbst 2019: regelmäßige Wochenenden und ein wöchentlicher Kurs für Improvisationstheater bzw. Olivers Zauberkiste (ein Buffet interessanter Übungen aus unterschiedlichsten Bereichen)

Theater-Labor/ Playground

Gelegentliches Leiten der offenen Improtheater Trainings im WuK der

FB: Impro Flex Gruppe.

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