Movements of the Soul

(= the new family constellations)

...Is a technique to bring peace and restore the natural order in family systems. 

You have the problem, we have the solution. We - that is us - you and me and the other participants - together :-)

Other participants will represent your situation (eg. you and your illness, you and your parents, you and your wife and kids, you and your boss, you and your business ...) and something will guide them towards solution. My part is to support this flow. 

You won‘t believe it until you see it :-)


The influence of our parents and education has been more known since Freud, but now it turned out that also other ancestors (even those completely unknown to the consultant) may have large emotional influence on his life. 

It overlays our relations, causes illnesses and even accidents, it explains why we attract again and again unhealthy relationships. It turns out, it did not happen accidentally. We can see why we cannot find a partner or have a kid or why we cannot accept success. We can see that our Depressions lead us to ignored dead family members and how to resolve this situation positive for everyone.


One effect comes from identification with emotionally excluded family members. Also unborn or young deceased babies can have consequences like separations of their parents and sad or aggressive sisters, until responsibilities are taken and the aborted kids included emotionally into the family. Once this goal has been reached there blossoms happiness and luck for all alive and „dead“ members of the family.

The „natural order“ is when each one acts from his own place in the family. When eg. the eldest sister takes the position of the mother in the family, then all her later relations become also confused.


Family constellations, founded by the German Bert Hellinger is a kind of group therapy (while not being recognized as therapy), working with representatives for the consultants family. They start to take over the emotions of the family members (without being instructed about this family!) and the guide helps to resolve the conflicts. We follow the natural movements of the family soul, which leads to emotional healing of all members of the family.


The method originates in the systemic family therapy of Virginia Satir and others. It‘s a kind of therapeutic intervention though is not nor does replace therapy or medicine.

The basic idea is look at consultants and their their social context. Later Hellinger realised that also the former ancestors influence the consultants, even if the consultant did not know them. The unconscious loyalty of the consultants loving soul to repeat the destiny of excluded family members is also the reason why some clients resist so much solution. They need the restless souls to come to peace.




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