Acting & Healing

Foto: (c) Helena Eribenne 2021
Foto: (c) Helena Eribenne 2021

Welcome to

Moving Academy of Joy


of Oliver A. Gross, also known as




Where acting meets healing.


Please not that only this page here gives a more or less accurate overview over my actions and interests.
Supposedly during 2024 there will be constructed another homepage.


This is my homepage about my work in the field of acting & healing

and about the areas where the two started to merge into something new. 




I act, direct and coach in the fields of

  • theater
  • improvisation theater
  • solo performance/ solo improvisation
  • clown
  • puppets/ objects
  • masks







*(In Austria one needs a license as a life coach, which I am likely to obtain in summer 2024, and healing refers to the assistance in self healing and removing blockages and nourish helpful resources)


My psychological trainings/ interests:

  • IEMT Integrated or Integral Eye movement Therapy by Andrew T. Austin. Another way to use Eyemovements to desensitize from the emotional loads of memories or expectations (2023)
  • Movements of the soul / Family constellations (Bert Hellinger, Siegfried Essen) & systemic Structure-Constellations (based on Mathias Varga von Kibed & Insa Sparrer)
  • The magic gift (my own special guided meditation)
  • "The Work" of Byron Katie (
  • The miracle question (of Steve deShazer and Insoo Kim Berg - solution focused brief therapy)
  • Feeding your demons (with Tsültrim Allione, tibetan shadow work, 2023 starting the certification course) 
    Christians beware: no reason to freak out, check what it really is and is not!
  • Some methods of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programmation), like Core Transformation incl. Realignment of the perceptual positions, The wholeness process, Submodalities
  • MoM (Metaphors of movement) of and with Andrew T. Austin ( - (2022), 2023: Extra about money and business.
  • Focusing (from Eugene Gendlin) with Ruth Sar-Shalom (late finishing the certification course planned in 2023)
  • Other guided meditations/ Visualizations like in the book "The mind game" (Jean Houston, Robert Masters), Renaissance Workshop 2023 with Jean Houston (using the metaphors of the magician of OZ)
  • rituals (i.e. marriage, I happened to become a MC at a rainbow gathering in 2011)
  • TRAUMA-THERAPY: I start slowly to get into this field through courses online with Peter Levine and Diana Poole (somatic experiencing), Frank Anderson (Intuition, Energy and Psychotherapy, Empathy vs Compassion, IFS).
    Please remember though: I am not a psychotherapist! Just a coach ;-)



My energetical healing* trainings:

  • Matrix Energetics (of Richard Bartlett) a fancy 2 point touch method (self study)
  • Core shamanism by Dr. Michael Harner ( with shamanic practitioners since 1994
  • EAM Energy alignment method by Yvette Taylor (
  • Aura surgery basics, Russian healing methods, Matrix Evolution, Quantum Touch - with Gerhard Schwach/ Bachner 
  • Clearing with Manfred Twrznik (, Quantum Healing, Russian Healing Methods, Matrix Advanced 2023
  • Pranic healing (of Master Choa Kok Sui, with Claudia Dieckmann) 2003

*assistance for self healing



  • Happy Depressions (performance lecture)
  • If I had a wish free... (when visions come true - improvised Vision Performance aka the vision game)
  • The Nightmare Show (bring a personal nightmare - i put it on stage)
  • The belief Trans4Musical (based on a limiting belief from an audience member a short Transformusical is improvised)
  • Improvisation theater (training & performances)
  • In coaching: when I or we play a scene from your life with changed roles





CV Everything Ever done by Oliver A. Gross
A very detailed CV in English
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