Acting & Healing

Foto: (c) Helena Eribenne 2021
Foto: (c) Helena Eribenne 2021

Welcome to

Moving Academy of Joy


of Oliver A. Gross, also known as




Where acting meets healing.


Please not that only this page here gives a more or less accurate overview over my actions and interests.
I am currently not able to update the subpages in English as a new homepage shall be made in 2023)


This is my homepage about my work in the field of acting & healing

and about the areas where the two started to merge into something new. 




I act, direct and coach in the fields of

  • theater
  • improvisation theater
  • solo performance/ solo improvisation
  • clown
  • puppets/ objects
  • masks







My psychological trainings/ interests:

  • TRAUMA: I start to get into this field through courses online with Peter Levine and Diana Poole (somatic experiencing), Frank Anderson.
  • IEMT Integrated or Integral Eye movement Therapy by Andrew T. Austin. Another way to use Eyemovements to desesitize from the emotional loads of memories or expectations (2023)
  • Movements of the soul / Family constellations (Bert Hellinger) & systemic Structure-Constellations (Mathias Varga von Kibed & Insa Sparrer)
  • The magic gift (guided meditation)
  • "The Work" of Byron Katie (
  • The miracle question (of Steve deShazer and Insoo Kim Berg - solution focused brief therapy)
  • Feeding the demons (Tsültrim Allione, tibetan shadow work)
  • Some methods of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programmation), like "Core Transformation", Submodalities, Realignment of the perceptual positions, The wholeness process
  • MoM (Metaphors of movement) of and with Andrew T. Austin ( - (2022)
  • Other guided meditations/ Visualizations like in the book "The mind game" (Jean Houston, Robert Masters)
  • rituals (i.e. marriage, I happened to become a MC at a rainbow gathering in 2011)



My energetical healing trainings:

  • Matrix Energetics (of Richard Bartlett) a fancy 2 point touch method (self study)
  • Core shamanism by Dr. Michael Harner ( with shamanic practitioners
  • EAM Energy alignment method by Yvette Taylor (
  • Aura surgery basics, Russian healing methods, Matrix Evolution, Quantum Touch - with Gerhard Schwach/ Bachner (
  • Clearing with Manfred Twrznik (, Matrix Advanced 2023
  • Pranic healing (of Master Choa Kok Sui, with Claudia Dieckmann)



  • Happy Depressions (performance lecture)
  • If I had a wish free... (when visions come true - improvised Vision Performance aka the vision game)
  • The Nightmare Show (bring a personal nightmare - i put it on stage)
  • The belief Trans4Musical (based on a limiting belief from an audience member a short Transformusical is improvised)
  • Improvisation theater (training & performances)
  • In coaching: when I or we play a scene from your life with changed roles





CV psychological and energetical formations Oliver A. Gross
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